Virtual Run Challenge Kicks Off January 1

Posted by Tom Britt on Dec 14, 2019 8:59:48 AM


The Inaugural 53-Mile VIRTUAL 465 Challenge is an event conceived by Indianapolis-based Vision Event Management. Why 53 miles? Here's the skinny: Indiana Interstate 465 is a 53-mile loop around Indianapolis. As a kid, do you remember driving somewhere with your parents and imagining yourself moving on a map? Now, dig if you will a picture of yourself running, walking, biking, skateboarding, scootering or performing any physical activity of your choice for the 53-mile loop around the 465.


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WHERE: From wherever you are! Indianapolis. Any city in Indiana. Any state. Any country. This is a unique virtual event.

WHEN: Pre-register now and get motivated for the 465 Challenge, which kicks off on January 1, 2020. Complete the 53 miles at your own pace before February 29, 2020. This is a great way for you to stick with your New Year’s physical fitness resolution.

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WHY...AND WHAT YOU GET! To have a little fun and stay motivated for being active in the winter months. Plus, you get cool stuff and bragging rights...

  • 465 Challenge Race Car Slider Finisher Medal* **
  • 465 Challenge Super Soft Finisher T-Shirt **
  • Super Cool Bumper Sticker
  • Training Program
  • Motivational Emails
  • Virtual Bib
  • Virtual Certificate of Completion

* First 1,000 Premium Package participants registered are guaranteed a medal.

** Mailed to you on/before March 2, 2020.


Register Now!


1. Pre-register now at Pick from one of the above two registration tiers - Premium or Basic.

2. Run on a trail, bike on your trainer, walk on your treadmill, swim in a pool, jump up and down in your basement, perform your physical activity of choice for 53 miles, between January 1 and February 29, 2020. Just please do not step physical foot on Indiana Interstate 465!

3. Submit your "results" after January 1, but before, February 29, 2020, to complete the 465 Challenge. You are on the honor system!

For You Overachievers: Join the "24 Hour Club"! Complete the challenge within 24 hours and earn Pole Position recognition on 465 Challenge Website and social media platforms.

Will you be a "Looper"? How many times can you complete the VIRTUAL 53 miles from January 1 to February 29? Lap the loop for Looper recognition on 465 Challenge Website and social media platforms.


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