Maple Creek Golf & Country Club - Preserving the Dye Tradition

Posted by Wade Thiel on May 21, 2020 11:48:20 AM

The Maple Creek Golf & Country Club, located on the historic east side of Indianapolis, is the first 18-hole golf course designed by the world-renowned designer Pete Dye. Unfortunately, Dye passed away in early January of this year, but his legacy at Maple Creek and the hundreds of other golf courses he designed will live on.

Joe Lorenzano, Membership Director at Maple Creek, says that being Dye’s first 18-hole design is important not just for Maple Creek itself but for the entire sport of Golf.

“When the Dye family came and visited us last year, it really helped us understand historically the importance of our club,” Lorenzano says. “Without Maple Creek, there is a possibility that Dye would have never designed another 18-hole golf course.”

Lorenzano adds that the business of Dye Designs didn’t make money for a long time, and it was only after Maple Creek that Dye and his wife Alice went on to see success.

MC_5WhiteTeeAM (1)“They could have said, you know what we gave it a good try and it just didn’t work out, but now, between the two of them, they created more than 150 golf courses,” Lorenzano says.

Maple Creek Golf & Country Club keeps the Dye design and connection in mind when working on projects. Lorenzano says the club tries to stay close to the original mission. Maple Creek was originally designed as a family golf course and efforts have been made to keep that focus going.

Currently, the focus is on trimming the trees that line the course. All of the trees were planted at the same time, and over the years, they’ve grown considerably. Now the club is focusing on properly trimming the trees to keep the club accessible and usable for its members.

“We’re just trying to get back to being a little bit more active in preserving the tradition that Pete and Alice Dye always wanted,” Lorenzano says.

The situation with COVID-19 has been a damper on the beginning of this year’s golf season, but it has also allowed the club to make the golf course look its best.

“The golf course has never been in better shape,” Lorenzano adds. “Right now, we’re able to work seven days a week and get a lot of projects done.”

“The members now get a much better product returning to play,” Lorenzano says.

"We're excited to open back up" Lorenzano says. “We are putting pieces in place to make sure everyone stays safe and comfortable, and we’re going to adapt as we need to because golf is that important to us. We’re excited to get back to golf.”

Maple Creek Golf & Country Club is located at 10501 E 21st St. in Indianapolis. You can visit them online at or give them a call at 317-894-3343 for more information.

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