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Posted by Christy Heitger-Ewing on Jun 30, 2020 12:24:47 PM

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This spring, when all of a sudden a good portion of the population found themselves stuck in quarantine, many people used that extra free time to invest in at-home amenities. For some, that meant upgrading outdoor living spaces. Others purchased new furniture. But for those with property on the lake, many reached out to Wahoo Docks, the industry leader in manufacturing quality residential & commercial aluminum floating boat docks.

Wahoo Docks has been called the “Mercedes Benz of docks.” The company’s sales went through the roof during the COVID-19 lockdown as lake homeowners looking for an upscale dock system found this the ideal time to take the plunge, as it were. A number of celebrities have already done so. For instance, Gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss owns two. Wahoo Docks have also been featured in Alan Jackson videos as well as the Netflix series “Ozark.”

Wahoo’s upscale dock system is often two-tiered, including water slides that come off the top. Beneath are slips to dock your boat and areas for kitchens so that you have everything you need for a day on the water.

Tim Osby, owner of Wahoo Docks, describes what sets them apart from other dock manufacturers.

Wahoo phot 2“From a technology standpoint, nobody does what we do,” says Osby, noting that they have developed two in-house systems that greatly assist Wahoo in being able to deliver strong, sturdy, steady docks to customers on time, that match or exceed the customer’s vision. The first system is called DOTS (Design & Order Tracking System), which helps them manage the entire process. The other is called DREAM (Dock Rendering Engine And Modeler) that designs a dock in 3-D space using their algorithm to determine where each piece should go.

“It allows us to analyze the dock, look at floatation to make sure it floats properly every time and put the dock into a fitted analysis program to ensure we get it right,” says Osby. “If it says we need 827 decking screws, that’s how many we’ll get. There really is nothing else that will ever come along in this industry that will rival DREAM.”

Wahoo Docks are focused on four metrics: 1) strength & durability, 2) aesthetic appeal, 3) user experience, and 4) customer service.

“Engineers design and oversee the construction of every dock,” says Josh White, Owner of Hoosier Docks, a local Wahoo Dock distributor. “Elegant details and 40-plus patented and proprietary products make a Wahoo dock the strongest and most beautiful one on the market.”

Wahoo’s exclusive gangway designs are 30% stronger than the competition. For marine applications, aluminum is efficient, durable and nearly maintenance-free. As strong as steel and better than wood, aluminum requires no protective coating, making it long-lasting and gentle on the environment. Using products that won’t deteriorate means there’s no need to paint or stain your dock five years down the road.

Wahoo Dock engineers also know that nothing disturbs the peace of the lake like a noisy dock so they created a dock that has bushings that insulate the main aluminum-to-aluminum connection points, which is where the noise comes from. They also insulate the junctures where the roof poles meet the roof and the main frame to keep them from squeaking.Wahoo photo 1

“We pair stainless steel components and our own HDPE components to ensure our gangways and docks last and stay noise-free,” White says.

Unlike a typical dock that needs to be removed at the end of the fall, Wahoo Docks can be installed year-round and don’t have to be taken out seasonally.

“There are Wahoo docks that are installed in Michigan and other northern climates that stay in the water year-round,” White adds.

Customers appreciate high-quality, long-lasting products that not only look amazing but also enable them to enjoy their play time without having to worry about set-up, maintenance or any other issues.

“Simply put, Wahoo Docks are the best on the market, period,” White says. “Our extra steps to make a top dock mean you spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining.”

For more information about Wahoo Docks, visit them online at hoosierdocks.com or call 317-677-4755.

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