Annual Fireworks Show at Geist Moving to South End of Reservoir

Posted by Tom Britt on May 19, 2020 7:20:24 AM

Geist Lake Coalition relinquishes the annual fireworks show to the City of Fishers as part of plan to pave the way for the Geist Conservancy District

Geist Reservoir Blast on the Bridge

City of Fishers officials and the Geist Lake Coalition board of directors announced today changes to the annual “Geist Blast on the Bridge” fireworks show at Geist Reservoir scheduled for July 4th. Due to social distancing guidelines, the fireworks show will likely move to the south end of Geist Reservoir in order to mitigate the Fall Creek Road bridge closure which creates a crowded public viewing deck as in years past.

As part of the Geist Lake Coalition’s plans to dismantle following the creation of the Geist Conservancy District, the GLC has worked with Fishers to transfer responsibility for the annual fireworks show to the City of Fishers for 2020 and beyond. Sponsorships and donations to cover the cost of the fireworks will no longer be solicited by the Geist Lake Coalition.  Any questions regarding the annual fireworks show can be answered by the City of Fishers by Sarah Sandquist, Director of Parks & Recreation at or 317-595-3117.

“We’re very thankful that the City of Fishers has stepped up to continue this long-standing annual tradition that has such a positive impact in our community,” said Cory Peter, President of the Geist Lake Coalition. “Our organization is focused more than ever on seeing the Geist Conservancy District get across the finish line in 2021, so moving the event to the City of Fishers allows the tradition to continue and us to focus on the task at hand.”

About the Geist Lake Coalition

The Geist Lake Coalition is an Indiana nonprofit corporation formed in 2000 with the mission of addressing and upholding the longevity of Geist Reservoir. Since their early days, the all-volunteer group have been the stewards of Geist Reservoir organizing clean-up days, educating people within the watershed of fertilizer best practices, and tackling invasive Eurasian milfoil and aquatic weeds. For more information, visit

About the Geist Conservancy District

Organized as a subcommittee of the Geist Lake Coalition, the Geist Conservancy District encompasses approximately 3,900 freeholders in 40 neighborhoods that surround Geist Reservoir. Over the past few years, organizers have been educating residents within the proposed district of the costs and benefits of creating a special benefits taxing district. Under the Indiana Conservancy Act (IC 14-33), organizers were required to obtain the signatures of at least 15% of the stakeholders within the proposed district – they obtained more than double the requirement. For more information, visit

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