Allowing You to Take Control of The Car-Buying Experience

Posted by Christy Heitger-Ewing on Oct 21, 2020 11:27:49 AM




Brand Champion Janel Keesling knows what it’s like to walk into a car dealership as a woman and feel pressured and overwhelmed.

“We’d like to think the world treats women equally, but there are presumed biases,” says Keesling, who, along with her husband Cole, owns CarSnoop, an innovative way to buy, lease or trade-in a vehicle from your phone or computer. The beauty of CarSnoop is that dealerships don’t have any idea of the customer’s gender or race—only the city in which they reside. Hence, the buying experience is simplified. CarSnoop 1

“In light of the pandemic, we’ve all changed the way we buy everything,” says Keesling, noting that consumers would rather browse for cars while relaxing on their back porch than wander countless dealerships.

 "We do all the legwork and even have a full concierge service to find the car you desire," says Keesling. "Want a blue 2020 Honda Accord with XYZ features? We'll find the best offers from dealerships."

CarSnoop enables the buyer to do all the paperwork from home and then they deliver the car directly to your home.

“You literally don’t have to go anywhere,” says Keesling. “It’s a stress-free experience all the way around.” 

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